KNTCW3533 Color Burst Trio Unicorn Magic

KNTCW3533 Color Burst Unicorn Magic

Create beautiful watercolor designs with Ken Oliver Color Burst Watercolor Powder. It’s great for watercolor painting, fine art, card making, mixed media, and more.  Use with our TCW stencils: Place stencil on a Watercolor or Mixed Media paper, sprinkle Color Burst powder, with stencil still on the paper, spritz with water and watch the magic happen.  THEN, remove the stencil, moisten it with a few more spritzes, and make a second print of that stencil by placing a second piece of paper on top of the wet/inked up stencil.

Use the versatile, concentrated powder in a variety of fun ways. Spritz a project with water and sprinkle on Color Burst for a stunning result. Or, sprinkle the powder on first and then add water for a completely different look. You can also dissolve the microfine watercolor powder in water and spray it from a mister bottle.  This powder also mixes nicely into our TCW Modeling Pastes, Gels and Gesso’s.

Each bottle contains 5 g of Color Burst Watercolor Powder. Bottles have a fine tip applicator.

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