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Notions Marketing

We’re a family of 600+ employees ready to serve you with whatever you need. Industry-recognized high fill rates and excellent customer service prove that we are a company dedicated to helping your business grow.

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MacPherson’s was founded in Montana in 1906. Its modern history, however, began in 1978 by which time we had become a small, San Francisco-based distributor of art materials serving northern California.

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Petersen-Arne carries a broad range of creative arts products with over 60,000 skus in our pick and pack warehouse in Eugene, Oregon. We are centrally located on the I-5 corridor with the benefit of a remarkably efficient warehouse.

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Personal Impressions – EM Richford Ltd

Richfords is a family company with many employees having given over 30 years service and Andrew, Edwin Miller’s great great nephew, being the fourth generation Richford to have ownership of the company.

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Treasure Mart Ltd.

We have been serving Canadian businesses for over 50 years. Specializing in card making and scrapbooking, we’ve quickly grown to embrace this trend which is now our specialization.

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Powertex Switzerland

Powertex Switzerland

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Vaessen Creative

Vaessen Creative is a professional, well-run family business, based in The Netherlands.

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Craft Expressions

Craft Expression

Craft Expression is a Dutch, family-owned distributor of paper crafting products.

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