Meet Our Design Team

Meet our amazingly talented Design Team.  Our Design Team serves a year term from August to July.  This group of designers will bring you inspiration, tips, and tutorials on how to really use The Crafter’s Workshop stencils, mediums and paints on everything from paper cards, mixed media canvas, fabric, home decor and more.  Make sure to check our blog daily and leave a comment to let us know what type of projects you love to see.


Cheryl Boglioli

Design Team & Education Coordinator

Cheryl is a mixed-media artist on the leading edge of new products and techniques within the various disciplines of the ever-growing market. She is the Design Team and Education Coordinator for The Crafter’s Workshop and works with many other manufacturers in the Craft & Hobby Industry as a Designer and/or Educator. As a full-time Artist with an intuitive painting style and a passion for teaching, you can find her Living the Art Life ™, traveling and teaching workshops at independent stores and events nationwide with her renovated 1970 vintage trailer, Glinda. If you see her along the way, she even gives tours and appearances with Glinda. See more of Cheryl and her adventures at www.cherylboglioli.com.

Visit Cheryl’s website at cherylboglioli.com



Karenliz Henderson

Design Team Emeritus

I’m Karenliz Henderson. I live in Connecticut where I work full time by day but spend my nights and weekends in my art room. I create art with no rhyme, reason or plan in my head. I let my heart and hands to do the work. As a mixed media artist I love creating with stencils, acrylic paints, lots of mediums, paper, journals, and anything else I can get my hands on. When I’m not in my art room I love photography, reading and spending time with family and friends. I hope my art inspires others and turn them into stencil lovers too.

To visit Karenliz’ website, visit My Creative Endeavors

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Jenni Calma

My name is Jenni Calma.  My husband and I live in Alabama with our four children- a girl, a boy, a lab/husky Rescue named Lola and our newest addition, Blue, a Boston Terrier puppy.

My favorite part of school as a child was collecting new notebooks, colored pencils and crayons, so I guess I have always been obsessed with paper.  My college studio sketchbooks started my addiction of combining journaling with photos, drawings & paper.  So, I am crazy about paper, paint and photographs!  I love using of layers, both in paper and other mediums.  Aside from my craving to create, I am a typical Virgo, an avid reader, Pinterest addict, a lover of dogs, peanut butter, cardinals, red wine, anything Italian, and my children’s laughter.

I am thankful and thrilled to be part of this group of truly talented artists at The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team for my third year!!   I am excited to continue sharing my design perspective through their products that I have loved for years, and finding favorites in the all the new innovative mediums.

Visit Jenni’s website at Paper Cardinal

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Gracie Chavez 

Born in Brazil and raised in Central America ,Gracie Chávez is a passionate crafter who enjoys all things paper. From card-making to mixed media, her blog –Graciellie Design- is an inspiration to many and a window to her creative soul. Although she went to Law and Business school, crafting had always been a part of her life and after graduating, getting married and becoming a mom for the first time, the opportunity to stay at home gave her the chance to finally dedicate her time entirely to what she loves, paper crafting. Eventually stamping led her to releasing a few stamp sets in the industry and opening her own digital stamp shop, which allowed her to explore her craft even more. Nowadays she continues to build content for her readers, making tutorials and sharing ideas to boost their creativity. In the end, she believes, it’s all about spreading kindness whenever possible.

Visit Gracie’s website at Graciellie Design

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Patty Eskridge

Hi, I’m Patty Eskridge.  I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 39+ years, have a beautiful daughter and fantastic son-in-law, and will soon be a grandmother for the first time!

At the end of 2016, I retired from 31 years of teaching and have now begun the next chapter of my life as a mixed media artist / blogger. Now I spend each day in “The Studio” (my art room), where I have tons of art supplies organized in library card catalogs, filing cabinets, and lidded tubs. I consider myself an artist not a crafter, because this is my life now not my hobby. Whether it is in my large or small art journals, on tags, ATCs, or cards, I love to work with stencils, paints, stamps, ink, and paper. And the more texture and layers the better!

In March of this year, I began ArtEveryDayStudio and now I write a blog post each Friday where I always have “a quote, a thought, and some art.” My motto is “Art in the Studio makes every day a good day.” I am thrilled to be a part of The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team for 2017-2018, and have tons of ideas for sharing their stencils and other incredible products!! This is going to be a spectacular year!

Visit Patty’s website at ArtEveryDayStudio

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Diana Hetherington

Hello everyone!! My name is Diana and I have been creating within the crafting world since 1996, starting out working and teaching in the scrapbooking world at a local store and then slowly switched over into the mixed media world. I now have my own art studio in my home where I spend as much free time as possible creating for design teams, prepping and teaching classes or just plain creating for fun. I am a very inky girl so make lots of messes. When it comes to creating I like all the colours of all the rainbows… the ones we see when we look into the sky and the ones we see when we look within. The brights, the lights, the greys and the darks… my favourite pieces are those that speak to me… the ones that are created from the heart and with heart. I am the kind of girl that is thankful to have a glass… half full always!  I create because I feel and I feel because I create whether that is in my art journal, on a canvas, a tag, or a 3D project. When I am not creating in my studio or working my ‘real’ job, you can find me out literally running the streets and trails of my beautiful city.

Visit Diana’s website at missusgmoments

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Heidi-Jakobs, Makeyourlifecolourful-Heidi

Heidi Jakobs

My name is Heidi and I live in the Netherlands. In my spare time I love to read, to hike and especially to make cards and mixed media projects, for which I particularly love to use colour and coloured images.

Already as a child I loved colouring, back then I only had coloured pencils. When I discovered card making, a few years ago, and mixed media more recently, it was an opportunity for me to share my colourings (with all kinds of mediums) with others, to send them as a card or for example, gift them on a canvas.

Through my blog (http://www.makeyourlifecolourful.com/) and as a design team member for different companies I now can share my projects and my love for card making and mixed media with the online community.

Visit Heidi’s website at Make Your Life Colourful

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Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli

I’m Zoey a mixed media lover based in Italy. I am passionate about stencils, mixing colors, texture and layering. In every project I make, I try to capture an emotion, it can be an instant or something that has been in my mind lately, a memory..anything! To create is my therapy and my happy place.

Visit Zoey’s website at Scrapsaurus

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Alexandra-Stapleton-Smith, Hedgehog-Hollow

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith

I am a creative Mummy from across the pond (now in USA). My blog follows my card making techniques and ideas as well as our new adventure on this side of the Atlantic, my readers love new ideas, stamps and techniques in my videos. I have been card making for over 10 years and have amassed a great and diverse collection of materials, I have run blogs, worked on corporate projects for Michaels as well as owning my own small stamp store (before there were children!).

Visit Alexandra’s website at Hedgehog Hollow.

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Farrel Tailor

Farrel Tailor

Hello there! My name is Farrel Tailor and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my loving husband and gorgeous 3 sons. I have been a crafter for about 14 years and started my love of crafts as a card maker which soon turned into scrapbooking once my first son was born.
I love all forms of papercrafting but I would have to say mixed media is my favourite whether that be on scrapbook layouts, canvas, cards and art journaling. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and getting my hands messy. I have been very blessed in being apart of some amazing Design Teams so far and am so lucky to say that I love my job.
So please join me while I share with you all my creative journey and I hope that I can inspire you to be creative too.

Farrel’s website at Scrapalicious Designs

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